Driver CPC Module H (V1.5.2)

Vehicle Familiarisation V1.5.2 (Driver CPC)

Duration: 1/2 Day (3.5 hours Driver CPC)

Entry Requirements:

Candidates must hold any of the below licences:

C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D


On completion of this programme candidates will have knowledge of issues relating to familiarisation of different vehicles; coupling and uncoupling; braking systems; and the latest innovations.


  • Vehicle familiarisation
  • Different gearbox layouts
  • Mercedes Benz Actros
  • Power shift
  • Volvo iSee system
  • L-shift gearbox
  • Opticruise
  • Scania ecocruise
  • Air suspension
  • Passive rear wheel steer
  • Double-deck
  • 35th Command steer
  • Coupling systems
  • Standard uncoupling
  • Split and cranked coupling
  • Air connections
  • Connecting air lines
  • Electrical connections
  • Three line system
  • Trailer connections
  • Fifth wheel
  • Coupling & uncoupling procedures
  • Close coupling & uncoupling procedures
  • Drawbar coupling & uncoupling procedures
  • Skeletal trailer operation
  • Braking systems
  • Spring brake
  • Exhaust brake
  • Engine brake
  • Retarders
  • Telma
  • ABS / ESP

Note: This course can count 7 hours towards the 35 hours needed for Driver CPC periodic training when combined with another 3.5 hour module.

Please contact us for details of available dates