Driver CPC Module C

Vehicle Legal Requirements (Driver CPC)

Duration: 1/2 Day (3.5 hours Driver CPC)

Entry Requirements:

Candidates must hold any of the below licences:

C1, C1E, C, CE, D1, D


Candidates will be aware of the legislative requirements regarding the vehicle, you will cover weight limits and how to avoid overloading; the vehicle check process; the role of VOSA; speed limits; and operator licencing.


  • Vehicle operator licencing
  • Operator licencing exemptions
  • Operator compliance risk score
  • Vehicle check and inspection requirements
  • Vehicle inspection records
  • Drivers hours record keeping
  • Maximum weights
  • Calculating payloads
  • Weight distribution
  • Axle weights
  • Overloading
  • Weigh bridges
  • Roadside checks
  • Prohibition notices
  • Graduated fixed penalties
  • Speed limits
  • Speedometer inaccuracies
  • Speed limits for different vehicles
  • Vehicle check on LGV
  • Vehicle check on PCV
  • Legal issues relating to mirrors
  • Vehicle check test

Note: This course can count 7 hours towards the 35 hours needed for Driver CPC periodic training when combined with another 3.5 hour module.

Please contact us for details of available dates