Periodic Drivers CPC

How does it affect me?

Drivers with the category C or D range of licence entitlements who drive for commercial gain and held their licence prior to 10 September 2008 (bus and coach), or 10 September 2009 (lorry) must accrue 35 hours of approved training by September 2013 for PCV drivers, and by September 2014 for LGV drivers.

Where can I get trained?

Only approved courses taken with approved training centres will count towards periodic training. Each course is seven hours long, so five courses need to be attended before the September deadlines.

Arrangement of training hours

Courses can be completed in any convenient format e.g. 14 hours in one year, 14 hours in another and 7 in another. Or all 35 hours could be completed in five days of training in a shorter timescale.

What subjects will periodic training cover?

Periodic training is designed to complement the individual driver’s work and be relevant to their every day job. Courses may include fuel efficient driving style training, defensive driving techniques, first aid, health and safety, driver’s hours regulations and tachographs. Courses will also enable drivers to keep up to date with changing regulations. The syllabus broadly covers:

• Safe and Fuel Efficient Driving
• Application of Regulations Health & Environment
• Customer Service and Logistics

Is there a test to pass?

No. There is no requirement for a course to include a test or a pass/fail element. Qualification is by attendance. However, most client’s are asking delegates to complete a simple multiple choice questionnaire at the end of the course.

How will I prove I hold Driver CPC?

Drivers’ course attendance is logged with the DVLA. Once 35 hours have been logged, the driver is issued with a Driver Qualification Card (DQC). After the September dates it will be a legal requirement to carry this card if driving for work purposes.